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Welcome to Army of Zero, the most laid-back group of cutthroats and thieves ever to walk Azeroth. We originally hail from another server, as the core of friends from a serious raiding guild. Tired of the drama and pressure, we have stuck together through good times and bad, and came to Medivh to set up a quiet group of family that could get away from the stress, and enjoy the game and each others' company. If you're new to raiding, or don't like raiding under pressure, we're here for you! We're currently on the prowl for just a few more like-minded members to add to our ranks to do a little current-tier 10-man raiding in Mists of Pandaria. We're not looking to progression raid, or to turn WoW into a second job, simply to see current content and have fun with friends. Speaking of friends, we've got a fantastic tank who is amazing at keeping aggro on the ground with his face, a motley crew of DPS who can occasionally defeat the Heroic Loading Screen boss, and a pair of healers who can strongly compete for top heals in Molten Core logs. We're hoping to pick up a tank, a healer, and a DPS who can each solo Heroic end-game bosses while wearing only greens. Failing that, I suppose we could also accept people who would love to raid for a few hours on Friday and Saturday evenings, without having to worry about theorycrafting, min/maxing, and having raid leaders yelling at them for not getting world firsts. We have the patience, experience, and technology to get things done without worrying about how we compete. Come join our Family, where the Godfather is a Holy priest, the drinks are free, the guild master is addicted to farming materials for the guild, everyone is glad to see you come online, and you only risk execution if you leave and join the <Tattaglia> guild!
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New Site!

Kaerlis, Apr 22, 12 4:17 AM.
Years later, I finally get off my rear and make a website. Is there a guild achievement for this?
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